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Coping With Acid Reflux: What You Must Know

People who suffer from acid reflux know how terrible it can be. No matter what causes it, information can help with the cure. This includes reading about what changes a person needs to take in their life to gain control over acid reflux.

If you stay at a weight that is healthy you will be unlikely to suffer from GERD. When extra pounds press down on your abdomen, it causes your esophageal sphincter to relax. When you lose weight and trim up, you’ll find your sphincter tightens and keeps acid where it belongs.

Elevating the head of your bed can work wonders to sooth nighttime acid reflux. Wood blocks or books work well to elevated the top of the bed above the bottom. Some electronic beds will allow you to incline them easily.

Sometimes, pregnant women develop acid reflux during gestation. As the belly gets crowded by the baby, the acid could be pushed into the esophagus. Refrain from eating foods that have a high acid content. If this isn’t helping, you can drink some teas that are safe for the baby and that can neutralize stomach acid.

Acid Reflux

Cut spicy foods out of your life if you want to help your acid reflux. Spicy foods can end up making your acid reflux symptoms much worse. Avoiding these items can get you welcome relief.

Working out right after a meal will not help your acid reflux; in fact, it will make it worse. When your abdominal muscles contract, you can end up having food from inside your stomach reach your esophagus. For this reason, you need at least an hour between eating and working out.

Avoid clothing that is too restrictive. Pantyhose, waistbands and tight belts are usual suspects. These garments put pressure on the stomach. This can cause acid reflux. Wear loose clothes and relax.

Acid Reflux

Reduce acid reflux by attaining and maintaining a proper weight. Obesity often occurs with acid reflux. Lose some weight in your midsection to reduce the pressure on your stomach. Don’t go on a crash diet, though.

Take the time to eat slowly. Instead of stuffing yourself, eat until you are not quite full. Eating slowly and enjoying each bite will end up helping you out. If you eat too quickly or eat more food than you need, you will experience acid reflux. Putting your silverware down between bites can really help you to eat slower.

Consume tiny meals frequently. When you eat larger meals it can trigger your acid reflux to act up. When your stomach is overly full, it applies excess pressure to your esophageal sphincter, forcing it open. The acid in your stomach enters the esophagus which causes heartburn. You should eat smaller, more-frequent meals during the day.

Reflux sufferers will benefit from losing weight. The more fat around your middle, the more acid will be pushed upwards. Excess belly fat puts added pressure on the stomach, increasing the chances of reflux. Losing a small amount of weight can offer a lot of relief.

Acid Reflux

Exercising can really help to keep your acid reflux under control. Moderation is key to making this work. Vigorous exercise can irritate your digestive system and even cause reflux. However, exercises that are more low-impact or moderate can help relieve acid reflux. Exercises like this keeps your body in an upright stance, which keeps the acids in your stomach down. Moderate exercise helps you lose weight too.

Whatever the reason for your decision, you are now better prepared to battle your acid reflex. Now that you have been properly educated you can make the lifestyle changes necessary. Start eating right, exercising and implementing the other steps listed here and you’ll feel better immediately.