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Are You Seeking Information About Acid Reflux? Then Check Out These Great Tips!

Would you like to eliminate your acid reflux problem? If you find yourself struggling with this problem, it is time to take control. Use the information in this article to start putting acid reflux behind you.

Your dinner should occur three hours or more prior to your bedtime. In a seated position, food and secreted stomach acid is forced downward to your stomach. If you lie down, the acid may migrate up your esophagus. So you should remain active and upright for a couple of hours before you hit the sack at night.

You reduce your chances of experiencing GERD if you maintain a normal weight. Your esophageal sphincter relaxes whenever excess body fat accumulates, especially on your midsection. You will need your sphincter to become tight if you want to prevent the acid from coming up; losing weight will help.

Try to limit the fatty foods that you eat during the day. Foods rich in fat are harder to digest and can weaken the sphincter between your stomach and esophagus. The excess fat will make you gain excess weight, which will cause even more symptoms. By eating healthier, you will begin to feel healthier.

Place wedges underneath your mattress to elevate your body so that your acid remains in its rightful place. Wood blocks or books work well to elevated the top of the bed above the bottom. Electronically controlled beds are optimal to use if you want to do this.

If you smoke, you should quit. Smoking can both cause acid reflux and make existing reflux worse. This is because smoking slows digestion and increases stomach acid, while reducing saliva production. This also weakens the sphincter of your esophagus. Today is the day to put those butts out for good!

Spicy Foods

Cut spicy foods out of your life if you want to help your acid reflux. Spicy foods can cause your stomach to produce more acid. Avoid these items and you will feel better right away.

You might realize that a very active lifestyle could be part of the problem. Increase your water intake. This will help you stay hydrated. This also promotes healthy digestion. Water can enhance your digestion and minimize the acid produced in your stomach.

Try eating slowly. Don’t eat too much in one sitting; only eat as much as you want. Instead of eating too fast, slow down and chew your food at a more relaxed pace. If you consume your food quickly or you eat too much, acid reflux can be exacerbated. Putting your silverware down between bites can really help you to eat slower.

Try losing weight. Too much weight on your stomach can seriously aggravate reflux symptoms. The fat that is stored in your stomach can lead to more acid, which causes acid reflux. Sometimes, losing even a few pounds will make a big difference.

Don’t drink a beverage with your food if you have acid reflux. When food and liquids fill your stomach, the sphincter that keeps acids inside the stomach comes under constant pressure. This pressure can force the acid from your stomach to work their way up into the esophagus. Continued exposure to the stomach acid can harm, or possibly destroy, the lining of your esophagus.

It is common for pregnant women to experience acid reflux because their baby is pressing down on their stomach. Speak to your doctor concerning the best actions to take during your pregnancy.

Acid Reflux

There has been a lot of information provided here. Use it to get rid of acid reflux forever. Now that you understand what must be done, it is time to begin taking changes. Keep these tips in mind to eliminate your acid reflux.